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Organisational Resilience

Untitled-1Organisations now constantly face complex and interconnected risks, issues, disruptions and threats and it is almost accepted that a major issue or crisis of some form will disrupt every business at some point. Businesses need to be increasingly resilient and this means preparing to anticipate, mitigate, respond to, adapt and recover from whatever has happened with maximum speed and minimum loss of assets, reputation or momentum.

To do this effectively organisations need to move beyond traditional risk management models and towards strategic organisational resilience.

Truly resilient organisations ensure integration and coherence between the protective disciplines of business continuity, risk management, crisis management and information security with the preventative disciplines of issues management and horizon scanning.

They build a culture of resilience thinking and practices across the business so that it is embedded in the way it operates. Such a culture is supported by the functional disciplines and ensures a capacity to identify issues, mitigate them where possible, manage them effectively and adapt to any new circumstances whilst continuing to deliver excellent customer service. Lessons from your experiences must be identified and shared to improve how you operate for the longer term.

The key facets of resilience:

  • Anticipation
  • Preparedness
  • Adaptive capacity
  • Learning capacity
  • Robustness

Organisational resilience guarantees a coherent approach to protecting your employees, customers and the services you provide. It protects your reputation through ownership, awareness, understanding, involvement and commitment at every level as well as applying the resources to allow that to happen.

Steelhenge is a leading expert in organisational resilience. We work with public and private sector organisations to develop holistic resilience strategies, plans, policies and integrate systems and people to better protect your assets, reputation and operations.

Resilience can be adopted in a variety of different forms. Key to its success is its application being appropriate to the nature of your organisation and its culture. It can be approached as a major programme to be embedded in every facet of the business, from strategy to finance and HR and to the operational world. Alternatively it can be approached at a less ambitious level, to develop the right culture and coherence across existing key protective disciplines such as business continuity, risk and crisis management, and building more gradually into a broader resilience programme.

Our organisational resilience services include:

  • Resilience Reviews – assessing internal perceptions of your organisation's resilience by senior management and operational teams.
  • Resilience Policy Development, Planning and Embedding – advising on your organisation's resilience policy including structures, process, plans and programme roll out.
  • Crisis Preparedness Assessments – understanding how crisis ready your organisation is.
  • Crisis Management Training and Exercises – preparing your people to be crisis ready.
  • Reputation Risk and Issues Assessments – understanding your organisation's approach to reputation risk management, issues management and its risk and issues radar.

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