Media & Crisis Communications

Media and Crisis Communications 

In our era of 24/7 news, social media and citizen journalism, bad news makes great news and good news just doesn't make the headlines. Distribution of photos, comment and information is almost instantaneous and everyone has an opinion. Communicating quickly and effectively with internal and external stakeholders is fundamental to an effective crisis response; your reputation and future depend on it.   

Crisis communications strategy and planning

Communicating effectively in crisis rarely happens by chance. It demands a strategic approach, planning and integration into an overall crisis management framework. Our staff are crisis communications and media specialists.  We offer expert advice in:

  • Stakeholder identification and key message development
  • Information management, particularly with the prevalence of social media channels
  • Strategic advice on traditional and social media engagement
  • Development and integration of your crisis communications plan with your crisis response plan 

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Media and Crisis Communications Training

The environment created by a crisis is different to business as usual; it is fast-paced, complex and uncertain.  The stakes are high and, fairly or not, success or failure is judged by how well an organisation manages the media, public and stakeholder reaction. It is essential for any crisis communications response that the right people are equipped with the skills to communicate under pressure in a timely, coherent and, above all, credible manner, thereby ensuring brand reputation is maintained in the eyes of key stakeholders. Our crisis communications training options are tailored to your specific needs – examples may include:

The training is highly interactive and delegates will have the chance to put their media learning into practise with active debrief and feedback from professional journalists. This may include scenario-based development of messages, bridging, live to camera interviews, down the line interviews and press conferences as well as social media engagement using our proprietary media simulator.


We offer a full range of crisis management exercise options from simple plan walkthroughs and scenario based workshops to desktop exercises and full crisis simulations which are designed to:

  • Validate your crisis communications plan
  • Rehearse your comms staff in their crisis role using a realistic scenario, replicated media (traditional and social) and stakeholder engagement to build their capability and confidence
  • Rehearse the integration of crisis comms as part of your overall crisis response

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