Incident Management

Incident Management Services

Steelhenge provides specialist incident management, emergency planning and crisis management services for public and private sector clients. We develop plans and procedures, structures and frameworks and provide comprehensive incident management training and exercise programmes.

Incident Management

Effective incident management is dependent upon the awareness, knowledge, understanding and experience of those delivering the response and well-structured incident plans, procedures, tools and templates.

Steelhenge helps organisations to develop efficient incident and emergency management structures and teams, information management processes and systems, as well as provide incident management training and exercises.

Critical National Infrastructure

Our experience of working with many parts of the UK's Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), means we have a unique understanding of Central Government's response mechanisms and CNI interactions across the energy, water, telecommunications, fuel and transport sectors. We have worked with both Government and industry incident teams to build and enhance their incident response systems and capabilities. Our experience crosses the supply chain – including suppliers, operators, regulators and major users – and every level, from the strategic to the operational, and in multi-agency environments.

Community Resilience

At the community level, we have experience working with responder communities in the UK and internationally assisting with the preparation of incident, emergency and continuity plans, the preparation of people through incident management training and rehearsal and the validation of plans through incident and emergency management exercises.

We have also worked with a variety of agencies and NGOs to develop their plans and integrate their responses into wider multi-agency response frameworks.

Our consultants include former incident managers, emergency planners and disaster response volunteers who bring practical experience to the development of pragmatic solutions.