Cyber Crisis Preparedness

Cyber Incident and Crisis Management

Cyber Response Planning – Cyber Training – Cyber Exercises

As the world we live in becomes increasingly dependent on technology, so the criminal domain seeks to benefit from virtual assaults.

The risks and realities of cyber attacks and data breaches are today recognised as one of the most critical areas of crisis preparedness required by any organisation. 

Key to managing a cyber crisis is to prepare your response at the technical, operational and strategic levels. The executive team must understand and be able to engage with the issues at stake, the decisions needed and the possible impacts and reputational damage to be considered.

What we can do to enhance your Cyber Preparedness

Steelhenge has specialist expertise in cyber resilience. We have worked with many different organisations to ensure they have comprehensive, rehearsed response plans in place to manage the consequences of cyber disruptions.

We will provide detailed rehearsals of your response to a cyber attack or data breach, stress-testing your plans and raising awareness and confidence amongst your staff of how to manage the risks and impacts.

Only by comprehensive rehearsal are organisations able to verify that they have suitable strategies and plans in place to allow the continuation of the business while the intrusion or impact is assessed and solutions implemented.

Our Cyber Preparedness and Response Services:

  • Review and development of cyber response plans, data breach protocols and cyber policies, integrating technical and structural and communications response throughout the organisation

  • Cyber crisis management training

  • Cyber workshops and desktop exercises to raise awareness and validate roles, triggers, immediate and longer term responses

  • Cyber simulation exercises to rehearse a full cyber response across all levels and functions of an organisation

  • Strategic cyber response 'playbook' containing all the critical facts, data and information needed to support a data-breach response communications strategy

  • Cyber response spokesperson training for executives likely to face the media

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