Effective Crisis Management and Incident Management Plans

Crisis Management Services

Crisis management is about the immediate response to an incident, emergency, crisis or disaster that threatens to disrupt your normal business.

Actions taken during the early stages of an incident or crisis will significantly alter the outcome for your organisation: a fast effective response can shorten a crisis and minimise its impact; a random, uncoordinated response will almost certainly exacerbate it.

Do you know who should be a part of your crisis team and how you will work together?

Who is responsible for assessing the situation and invoking and co-ordinating the response? Who will lead the team to prevent further disruption, ensuring the safety and welfare of staff, activating business continuity plans, communicating with staff, stakeholders, the market and the media?

Crisis Management: Steelhenge's integrated approach

Steelhenge's integrated approach to Crisis Management will provide you with not just the plan, but also the critical tools and activities that make the plan work. We will equip you and your staff with:

  • A clear road map of activation and response
  • The competencies and skills to implement it effectively
  • The crisis tools to support teams

This approach will increase the chances of a successful outcome and minimise the stress on your people.

Crisis Management Solutions

We offer the following crisis management solutions:

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