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"Steelhenge were extremely professional in their approach and also flexible in responding to emergent requirements. All workshops were delivered to a very high standard and pitched at the right level. I was impressed by the consistent level of performance and the collaborative approach adopted"

Project Director,
Transport Industry

  • 1. Energy & Utilities

    Water and Electricity

    Implementation of a full business continuity management system for a federal water and electricity authority in the GCC region.


    Series of progressive exercises to rehearse and develop the crisis response capability of a gas supply corporation.


    Full simulation emergency response exercises for organisations in both upstream oil and gas production and downstream fuel supply. 

  • 2. Transport


    Emergency management, leadership and communications training for operational and tactical level responders.


    Board level crisis response training series, from scenario-based workshops and desk-top exercises to full-simulation exercises.


    Crisis leadership training and board level crisis management workshops and exercise for a major trans-Atlantic airline.


    Full business continuity programme for a major UK port; including gap analysis, risk assessment, policy and plan writing, exercising and a continuous improvement programme.

  • 3. Food & Drink

    Global Food Manufacturer

    Development of the Incident Management Manual for a global food manufacturer and delivery of strategic incident management training to the UK Board and key sites in Europe.

    Dairy Processor

    Development of the ICT Continuity Management Framework for a major dairy processor and delivery of associated awareness training and scenario-based workshops.

    Prepared Food Producer

    Incident management training and table top exercises for a leading provider of fresh prepared foods and its subsidiaries including product withdrawal and product recall procedures.  Included full media and crisis comms rehearsal.

  • 4. Retail

    Luxury Fashion House

    Full simulation crisis management exercises for board level strategic Crisis Management Team; this included comprehensive traditional and social media play to rehearse crisis communications.

    Department Store

    Full programme of business continuity and incident management training for all levels of response: strategic, tactical and operational. This developed from workshops and desktop exercises to full simulation exercises.

    Shopping Centre Management

    Review and update of business continuity management system to ensure alignment with industry best practice.  Supported by training and exercises at each of seven major retail centres to validate revised continuity and crisis plans and train staff in revised procedures, crisis leadership, media and crisis communications.

  • 5. Leisure, Entertainment & Sport

    Cruise Line

    Board level crisis management training and desk-top exercising programme including crisis communications.

    Major Sports Event Management

    Emergency planning and crisis management training in preparation for the Indian Premier League, including on-site reviews and training workshops, plus board level crisis leadership, media and crisis communications training and desk-top exercises.

    Sports Equipment Manufacturer

    Business continuity workshop and desk-top exercise, rehearsing escalation and response procedures.

  • 6. Mining & Exploration


    Training and advising in crisis management for the Exploration sector of a global mining company.

    Offshore Oil & Gas

    Board level training in media techniques and crisis communications, including live TV and radio interview practice.

    Oil & Gas Authority

    Enterprise risk management and business continuity training for national authority in the Middle East.

  • 7. Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction

    Engineering Consultancy

    Crisis communications training for global consultancy.


    Programme of board level crisis management and crisis communications training and exercises.


    Full business continuity and incident management development programme; from gap-analysis, policy, BIA, strategy and planning to training and exercises.

  • 8. IT & Telecoms

    Technology & Communications Solutions Provider

    Full lifecycle business continuity and incident management development programme, from policy and plans to raising awareness, training and exercises.

    Media Regulator

    Board level business continuity and crisis management workshop and desk-top exercise.

    Internet Registry

    Board level crisis management and business continuity training.

  • 9. Financial Services


    Full simulation board level crisis management exercise, including comprehensive crisis comms rehearsal.

    Investment Bank

    Implementation of a business continuity training programme comprising competency assessment and framework development, training needs analysis, training strategy and delivery of a training programme to meet the competency needs.

    Consumer Finance

    Business continuity consultancy services including plan review and simplication, rationalisation of roles, exercises to validate new plans and rehearse incident response procedures.

  • 10. Central Government

    UK Government

    Delivery of five Tier 1 national multi agency full simulation emergency response exercises for UK Government Departments rehearsing emergency arrangements for major gas, electricity, fuel and telecoms disruptions.

    European Commission

    Design and implementation of a full Emergency Operations Centre for a European Commission Department from concept of operations to the standard operating procedures. This was followed by a programme of staff training and scenario-based workshops and table top exercises to validate procedures and familiarise staff with the EOC and its operation.

    National Food Authority

    Implementation of a full business continuity management system aligned to ISO 22301 for a national food authority in the GCC region.

  • 11. Local Government

    Local Authorities

    Business continuity and incident management projects, ranging from business continuity awareness training to a series of scenario-based workshops in preparation for London 2012.

  • 12. Pharma, Health & Healthcare

    Primary Care Trust

    Full business continuity programme covering 15 clinics, 3 hospitals, 2 key offices and a number of administrative bases. This included BIAs, writing of plans and procedures, training and desk-top exercises.


    Business continuity and crisis management plan review and development supported by training in incident response and a developmental exercise series to validate plans and rehearse the response staff in their crisis roles.


    Scenario-based crisis management exercise series, delivered at global sites for product development and delivery pharma.

    Care Services

    End to end business continuity management programme of planning, training and exercising, including a series of scenario-based workshops.

  • 13. Education & Research


    Comprehensive business continuity training programme to prepare for certification.

    Research Faculty

    Business continuity plan walk-through and board level desk-top crisis management exercise.

  • 14. Charities & Heritage


    Design and implementation of a full business continuity programme including training and exercising.

    Housing NGO

    Full emergency management programme, from planning to training and exercising. This included board level, area- and project-specific crisis management workshops and desktop exercises.

    Medical Research NGO

    Business continuity programme of planning, training and exercising.

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