Business Continuity Institute and Other Links

Related Links

The following is a list of websites containing useful information to support the resilience agenda.

British Standards Institution

The UK's National Standards Body, responsible for the publication of various 'resilience' standards, including BS 11200, the new Crisis Management Standard.

Business Continuity Institute

The Business Continuity Institute leads on the development of best practice in Business Continuity Management around the world

Continuity Central

A one-stop shop resource of business continuity news, jobs and information

Continuity Forum

A leading on-line resource for information regarding Business Continuity Management

Direct Gov


The official UK Government website for citizens. It carries a wide body of information including advice on preparing and dealing with emergencies and support after a major incident

Emergency Planning Society

The site for professionals who deal with Emergency Planning, Crisis Management and Disaster Management

Environment Agency

Useful source of advice on flood risk and reaction

Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the Financial Services Authority)

Source of information on Business Continuity Management guidance for financial services providers

Food Standards Agency

Useful source of information on current research in food safety, nutition and food-related disease.

Public Health England


Useful source of advice on health matters currently effecting England. 

World Health Organisation

Useful source of information on disease outbreaks around the world, for example pandemic influenza

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