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Engaging senior teams in crisis preparedness

December 2015

In the latest edition of the Crisis Response Journal, Managing Director of Steelhenge Consulting, Dominic Cockram, discusses the reluctance of senior business leaders to engage in crisis preparedness and how this is affecting the ability of businesses to be truly effective in the crisis. 



Getting ahead in crisis response

November 2015

Managing Director of Steelhenge Consulting, Dominic Cockram, outlines what characterises the 'stable' stage of crisis response and considers how an organisation can sense it is starting to take control of the situation 



Comparative Overview of the of the New British Standard for Crisis Management BS 11200 with NFPA 1600 

February 2015

Managing Director of Steelhenge Consulting, Dominic Cockram, offers a comparative overview of the new British Standard for Crisis Management, BS 11200, and the National Fire Protection Association's standard in Business Continuity and Emergency Management, NFPA 1600.

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This article first appeared in the February 2015 issue of the IAEM Bulletin, the monthly newsletter of the International Association of Emergency Managers. For information about IAEM, please visit


When a Crisis becomes Catastrophe: Reflections on the Malaysia Airlines Crises and Implications for Crisis Management Best Practice

November 2014

It is every CEO's worst fear: an event resulting in mass loss of life that becomes indelibly associated with your organisation. Malaysia Airlines experience two such events in four months. In this article, Tim Johnson and Jacqueline Ratcliffe examine Malaysia Airlines response to these crises and highlight the implications for Crisis Management going forward.



Establishing ISO 22301 in Europe's Largest Construction Project: A Case Study

November 2013

Steelhenge was appointed as Crossrail's Delivery Partner for Business Continuity Management in 2012.  This paper looks at the six-month journey to establish ISO 22301 in Europe's largest construction project.  It was first presented jointly with Crossrail at the BCM World Conference in London, 6-7th November 2013. 



Putting a Break on the Blame Culture – Q3 Continuity Magazine

August 2013

Steelhenge looks at how empowering staff through a positive culture of sharing information will contribute to an organisation's resilience. 



Keeping the Drama out of a Crisis - UK News from CERN

October 2012

CERN explains why they chose Steelhenge to fulfil crisis management brief 



Train Hard Fight Easy - PR Week

June 2012

Steelhenge explain why it is important to carry out Crisis Mananagement Training prior to having to deal with a real crisis.



High Fidelity Simulation Exercises For Training Strategic Crisis Management - The Business Continuity and Resilience Journal 

May 2012

The way in which any crisis is managed has the potential to profoundly impact an organisation in terms of operational delivery, safety of staff, future success, reputation and shareholder value. 



Social Media: Asset, Threat or Distraction during a Crisis? - Continuity Magazine 

June 2011

During a crisis information can travel at light speed across the World. Steelhenge considers whether companies can or should try to keep pace with this new media environment.



Leading out of a crisis - Continuity Magazine

August 2010

Dominic Cockram discusses what defines a good crisis leader and considers how changes in society are impacting on the skills needed to tackle an incident.



NHS: Care With Continuity - CIR Magazine 

February 2010

What are the realities of implementing business continuity within a care services environment? Rebecca Norton considers some of the likely challenges and how the standard approach can be applied.



Managing Energy Emergencies - Gas International 

December 2009

Report on the Managing Energy Emergencies Workshop, October 2009, Dublin. Key topics included an update on the operation of emergency arrangements in the South and the North, feedback from Exercise.



Hands On ICT Planning -  Continuity magazine 

October 2009

With the worry of large scale staff absenteeism resulting from a pandemic, businesses are preparing plans to ensure that customer facing and revenue generating services can be maintained with reduced.



Top Ten Tips in a Crisis -  The Times 

March 2009

Firstly, open your crisis plan... if you don't have one then follow these tips: Find out what has happened Clearly identify a crisis team and team leader Assess the impact (on...



People at Crisis Point Article - CIR magazine 

October 2008

Steelhenge Managing Director, Dominic Cockram, explains how scenario planning makes all the difference when it comes to staff getting the organisation through an actual incident




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