The Crisis Management Conference Series

Steelhenge is a leading international provider of crisis management and resilience services to help organisations protect their people, performance and reputation from the impact of major disruptions.

Crisis Management: Key Themes for Success Series

Steelhenge is publishing a major new series of eight white papers, each focusing on a critical area of crisis management. They are written to provide a practical insight into building a successful crisis management capability. 

Titles of the papers:

• The Cornerstones of Crisis Management
• Strategic Crisis Decision-Making: The psychological tripwires and trampolines
• Building Situational Awareness: How to establish knowns and unknowns
• Crisis Leadership: The good, the bad and the ugly
• Managing Reputation: The non negotiable case for integrated crisis communications
• The Crisis Training Trajectory: Building skills to deliver success
• Simulation exercising: Fostering crisis expertise through experience
• Evaluation: Assessing and building a crisis management capability

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