Crisis Management White Papers

Crisis Management White Papers

Crisis Management: Key Themes for Success Series

Steelhenge is publishing a major new series of eight white papers, each focusing on a critical area of crisis management. They are written to provide a practical insight into building a successful crisis management capability. 

Titles of the papers:

• The Cornerstones of Crisis Management
• Strategic Crisis Decision-Making: The psychological tripwires and trampolines
• Building Situational Awareness: How to establish knowns and unknowns
• Crisis Leadership: The good, the bad and the ugly
• Managing Reputation: The non negotiable case for integrated crisis communications
• The Crisis Training Trajectory: Building skills to deliver success
• Simulation exercising: Fostering crisis expertise through experience
• Evaluation: Assessing and building a crisis management capability

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The Cornerstones of Crisis Management

ccmCrisis Management Key Themes for Success: Paper One

August 2012

This first paper in the series looks at defining the cornerstones of a successful crisis management capability and focuses on the challenges of information management, decision making, communicating and leading in crisis. It also explores how to prepare for and gain crucial experience of performing in the crisis arena through training and exercising.





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Strategic Crisis Decision-Making

Crisis Management Key Themes for Success: Paper Two

June 2013

This second paper in the series explores the technical and practical aspects of effective crisis decision-making. It analyses the psychological challenges of decision-making in the crisis arena and why even the most adept of decision-makers in day to day business settings can be overwhelmed in a crisis, leading to uncharacteristic errors, decision avoidance or delays. It then explores the practical tools and techniques available to support crisis leaders and managers to make effective and timely decisions. The paper is supported by a number of case studies.



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