Crisis Management Exercises and Crisis Simulation

Crisis Management Exercises

How effective is your crisis management plan? Are people familiar with it? Have staff or procedures changed? Is it still current or is it sitting on a shelf?

How prepared are your people and teams for the pressure of a crisis?

Steelhenge offers a full range of crisis management exercise options to validate your plans, rehearse your procedures and prepare your people, from strategic senior management level to the tactical level and operational front line staff.

Exercise development cycle

All our exercises are designed to be developmental in nature, not as a test that can be failed. Our expertise enables us to apply or reduce pressure as required as the exercise unfolds, allowing staff to develop and gain confidence in their roles.

We have designed, planned and delivered successful exercises time and again for many different organisations of all sizes. Our crisis management exercise staff are experts with many years crisis exercise delivery experience. To run an effective crisis exercise is a detailed and complex activity which should not be underestimated. Working with us you can be confident that your exercise will achieve its objectives.

Exercises may be delivered as individual events to meet a specific crisis management objective or as part of a developmental programme designed to increase the crisis readiness of your organisation on an on-going basis.

The nature and scale of the exercise proposed will be based on your needs, the complexity of your organisation and the maturity of your crisis management preparation.

Crisis Management Exercise Options

Steelhenge exercises range from simple walk-throughs of crisis response plans and table top exercises to multi-agency, resource-intensive simulations of crisis scenarios, played out in real-time. We offer:


Exercising ladder RGB with   50mmw 300dpi

Our methodology carries you through from the initial meeting and the agreement of objectives to the delivery of a post-exercise report with recommendations. We prepare the exercise architecture, design the scenario and plans, work on the supporting documentation and preparation of "players", observers, umpires and supporting staff as well as delivering the event on the day and gathering feedback through a 'hot-wash-up'.

Exercise Evaluation

The Steelhenge exercise process is supported by a number of tools and methods to evaluate the exercise. This includes our own excellent team of impartial observers who watch the team(s) at work and gather and summarise data on every aspect of the crisis performance.

Steelhenge can also supply experienced, impartial observers to support crisis management exercises organised internally within your organisation.

Interactive Social Media and Virtual News Network

Many of our crisis management exercises are supported by real-time interactive media play, replicating both social and traditional channels. This service ranges from supplying custom-made media clips and a single journalist with - or without - a camera, through to complete media teams with a mobile studio, live reporting, interviews and press conferences with your company spokesperson, which can be transferred to TV or PC feeds across the exercise. We can also run a virtual news network (VNN) based around a secure website replicating 24-hour news stations such as Sky News, BBC News 24 or CNN and simulated social media channels. Read more about our proprietary media simulator here. 

Crisis Management Exercise Network Solutions

Some clients like to replicate their organisation's IT network without the risk of leakage of exercise play into their real system. To achieve this, Steelhenge will build a Local Area Network (LAN) using hardware which we provide specifically for the event. This carries all traffic that a normal network would within a safe and secure environment.

The LAN also links to our Exercise Management Tool (EMT) which allows us to build an e-mail range of exercise play both before the event to help create the scenario and during the exercise. The EMT captures responses and reactions which helps in creating a post-exercise review. This is a bespoke piece of software designed by Steelhenge to meet our clients' requirements.

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