Steelhenge History

The History of Steelhenge

We are often asked about our name, 'Steelhenge', and how it came about. Here is our story:

Steelhenge was founded by Dominic Cockram, in Wiltshire, UK, in 2004. The company was established a stone's throw from the pre-historic world-heritage sites of Stonehenge and nearby Woodhenge. 'Henge' therefore reflects the company's roots, and 'steel' is the 21st century incarnation of these ancient materials that have withstood millennia.

The strength of steel and the protective symbolism of the circular logo are strong messages for the output of our resilience services – to protect organisations from the impacts of major disruption and safe-guard their long term success

In April 2014, Steelhenge was acquired by crisis, issues and reputation management consultancy Regester Larkin. Regester Larkin's expertise has been built on a strong heritage of live crisis response, crisis communication, and issues and reputation management.

In December 2016, Regester Larkin was acquired by Deloitte LLP. Regester Larkin, internationally recognised as a leader in crisis, issues and reputation management, was merged with Deloitte’s existing crisis and resilience business to form one of the largest and most comprehensive fully-dedicated practices in this highly specialist area. The new practice is 70-strong, with six partners, operating under the Regester Larkin by Deloitte brand.

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