About Us

"We aim to transfer knowledge and skills into our client's organisation, delivering a legacy that can be built upon from within."

Dominic Cockram 

About Us

About Steelhenge

Steelhenge focuses on preparing organisations to respond effectively to incidents, crises, events, emergencies or disasters such that recovery is achieved with maximum speed and minimum loss of assets, reputation or momentum. Crisis training and exercises have been delivered throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

We offer clients an unrivalled range of expertise and specialist capabilities in crisis management, media and crisis communicationbusiness continuity, incident managementand crisis response to support them in achieving their strategic objectives, whatever their size or sector.

The skills and experience of your people are at the heart of a successful crisis response capability.  Therefore training and exercising are at the heart of what we do, to prepare them to perform at their best in the pressure of a live crisis.

Steelhenge Consulting Ltd is now part of Deloitte LLP following Deloitte’s acquisition of its parent company, Regester Larkin Ltd in December 2016.

How We Work

We are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure we clearly understand their objectives, culture, and current stage of resilience development. This means that when we work with you, the solutions we propose will be tailored specifically to your organisations needs.  This may range from the implementation of fully integrated crisis management and business continuity management systems to highly focused support on a specific issue.

We are fully compliant with the management consultancy best practice guidance in British Standard BS 16114:2011.

Our Values

We aim to create relationships based on trust through constantly providing excellent value for money and top quality service delivery.  We are guided by our core values in the delivery of all our work:


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